The newest development of MAGIC CONCEPTS is an extensive advancement of an existing prediction effect. During this effect the mentalist can predict an unforeseeable event, like the numbers of the lottery or the issue of a car race, on a DIN A2 sheet of paper. This paper is inside a solid Plexiglas tube, which is lying horizontal inside the wooden box.

The prediction box is hanging well viewable for all the spectators high above the stage during the event happens. After the occurrence happened, the mentalist lets the box down. The spectator can open the box together with the artist and take out the prediction paper from the Plexiglas tube.


  • everything works quite automatically
  • the table is very thin and filigree (9mm)
  • the Plexiglas tube is laying horizontal in the box
  • it is possible to open the box complete, so the ordains can see inside
  • you can hang up the box days before (no battery)
  • there are no visible openings in the Box or on the table
  • the Plexiglas tube is absolutely solid, massive and closed from both sides
  • the spectator can take the prediction out of the tube
  • it is absolutely unexplainable for the spectators how this effect works

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More information about the Prediction System

This incredible magic effect is produced in Germany and was invented by the magician THE MAGIC MAN – Willi Auerbach. Compare the magic prediction systems on the market. There is for example the MASTER PREDICTION SYSTEM and the MIND CASE. Both are good inventions. Bit the Perfect Prediction of MAGIC CONCEPTS has some advantages. For example you can open the box totally and let the spectators see inside the prediction box.

Prediction System like the Master Prediction

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