HOT PREDICTION WALLET – mental magic trick

Imagine, you sit together with friends or people you don´t know and ask them whether they believe that it is possible see into the future. Then you tell your audience that you believe firmly in something like a premonition.

And this morning you had the feeling that you will come into a situation like this – and you intuitively have written down, a prediction about what will happen in the next few minutes. You will then put your wallet clearly visible on the table. Inside the purse is the folded paper with your prediction you wrote down this morning.  The ordinance can even see the folded piece of paper, because it is greater than the wallet. Then you start to ask your conversation partner, to put many different objects on the table. For example a cell phone, a coin, a cigarette pack, a set of keys, chewing gum, a cigarette lighter or whatever he has in his pockets.

Afterwards you ask your spectators who wants to make the first intuitively decision.

The person who answers first, should decide himself for one of the things, laying on the table. We suppose he or she decides to take the keys. After the decision is done, you ask that person, to pull out the piece of paper from your wallet.

To sum it up: You’ve never seen these people before, they had the free choice, you have not touched the prediction at any time.

Now the person, who has chosen the subject, folds the paper apart:

There it says under the date of the day:

“It’s 7:36 clock and I have a feeling that I’m going to meet some new, nice people today. And the decision will be on the key!”

How could you know that?

This is just one example of many different effects you can do with the “HOT PREDICTION WALLET”

The secret is a specially developed, ultra-slim high-tech electronic, that does all the work.

You can order this mental magic trick. Just send a request.

Price: 190.00 EUR

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